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The Hides

Bird observatories


Hides enable one to observe and/or photograph wild animals without bothering them and without interfering with their natural behaviour.

They can be used at any time of the year. In fact, birds come to feed, bathe themselves or drink every month of the year, but their use is especially recommendable in winter as birds come to feed more regularly and in larger numbers. Both Iturria and Urbigain can be fitted with heaters so that visitors can use these hides even under extreme weather conditions.


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More info


  • At all times, the “Birdwatcher’s Code of Ethics” issued by SEO Birdlife must be adhered to. A printed copy of the code will be available to users at all times.
  • Users shall enter and leave the hide in complete silence so as not to disturb the birds.
  • Once in the hide, users must not make any noise or turn on any lights so as not to bother the birds. Some birds are very sensitive to light.
  • Inside the hide, users shall not use their mobile phones (only in vibration mode) or any other noisy devices.
  • Do not leave the hide under any circumstances. Should it be necessary, you can call the hide manager to come and get you or your companion out.
  • Smoking inside the hide is forbidden.
  • Do not leave litter inside or outside the hide. Take all litter to the nearest container.
  • Wear dark clothing.
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