Apartments Register Number TVI00021

Hide Iturria

Bird observatory


This observatory has been installed to take advantage of the morning sun, and can used preferably until midday. It is made from canvas and has a metal structure. Maximum capacity: 4 people.

There are a number of perches available. These can be arranged according to the user’s preferences and branches with lichens and moss can be placed next to the water tank for reflections. This is the ideal hide for photographers or birdwatchers who don’t want to spend a long time in the hide and seek quick results under controlled conditions. Success is guaranteed.

The backgrounds behind the birdbath are formed by fruit trees (apple), lawns and shrubs. The bird species that enter the garden are representative of forest biotopes located on the outskirts of small, rural population centres. More than 20 different species have been photographed here.

All the photographs were taken from these observatories