Apartments Register Number TVI00021

Hide Urbigain

Bird observatory


This hide is located 200 metres from Elai etxea and is built from wood. It can seat two people comfortably and despite its size, it can be fitted optionally with a toilet and heater. A special feature of this hide is that it has two different backgrounds. In the foreground there is a small pond fed with spring water and on both sides, several logs and branches with bird feeders (these are camouflaged appropriately for photographic sessions); and in the background there is an open space frequented by crows and birds of prey (chiefly buzzards).

Until now, more than 30 species of birds have been photographed, as well as foxes, roe deer and wild boar.

This hide is recommended for more experienced photographers than the previous hide, as waiting times in the hide (especially in the case of birds of prey) tend to be longer. However, users can entertain themselves watching the movements of tits, finches and other small birds until their carnivorous relatives arrive. Recently, a one-man observatory, also of wood, has been installed in such a way as to take advantage of the early morning sun.

All the photographs were taken from these observatories