Apartments Register Number TVI00021


Bird observatory


These are portable hides, camouflaged in accordance with the local vegetation. They have a capacity for one or two people (as appropriate) and are installed in the hills around Pobes (at less than 3 km from Elai etxea). They are used mainly for the observation of Golden Eagles.

The hides are placed in different locations depending upon the time of year and the species we expect to see. Griffon vultures are common in the Añana area. Not surprisingly, the colonies in Valderejo and Sobron are the largest in the Basque Country. Besides vultures, it is common to see red and black kites, buzzards and with a little luck, Egyptian vultures and golden eagles, which are also present in this area. Unlike the majority of feeding stations and many commercial hides, these locations are completely free of waste materials. The backgrounds are completely natural and allow users to compose their shots adequately.

If you are not an experienced photographer or do not like to be alone in the countryside, we will be ready to assist you from a nearby location.

All the photographs were taken from these observatories