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Añana Region

What to do in Añana


Añana is located in the south-east corner of the Basque Country, specifically in the western third of the province of Alava (Araba in the Basque language). It is edged to the north by Mount Gorbea, to the east by Vitoria Gasteiz, to the south by the vineyards of the Rioja to the west by the wheat and barley fields of Burgos.

It is, therefore, an area of transition between the mild, misty valleys of the Cantabria and the Mediterranean-influenced vineyards of the Rioja.

As a result, the Añana region (Añanako Eskualdea in Basque) offers a great deal of potential for nature-related activities.

One of the best-known and most highly-regarded tourism resources in the Basque Country can be found in the village of Salinas de Añana/Gesaltza. Just 10 minutes from Elai etxea, lies the Salt Valley of Añana, a must for all visitors. You can visit the valley on foot, by bicycle, and even by Segway with salt way. There is something for everyone.

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