Apartments Register Number TVI00021

Sustainability undertaking

Elaietxea - Birding House

At Elai Etxea, we try to generate the lowest possible impact on the environment.

In this way, the energy required for heating and hot sanitary water is obtained by means of a high-efficiency biomass boiler. In the future, we plan to install solar collectors.

In addition to providing cold at the height of summer, the air-conditioning unit (aerothermal) installed in the Baias apartment provides heat in the winter and contributes a great deal to the heating system.

The windows oriented towards areas with lower insulation are fitted with double, low-emission glass.

The electricity supply contract is to be replaced with another that supplies electricity from exclusively renewable generation sources.

All the light bulbs used in the house are LED and the taps and tanks are fitted with water saving devices.

Waste recycling and the consumption and use of environmentally-friendly products and services will be facilitated and promoted.

On a periodic basis, a sustainability report will be drawn up to implement as far as possible these environmental commitments and other commitments of an economic and social nature through the application of a series of sustainability indicators.

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